PhD position (f/m/d) in Pediatric Food Allergy Research for a candidate with a medical background


Project title: Markers of shaping and educating the early life immune response to food proteins

We are looking for an excellent and highly motivated medical candidate interested in a PhD position (MD PhD) within a translational research project conducted by the Molecular and Translational Allergology Group (Head: Dr. A. Kuehn, Dr. C. Hilger), Department of Infection and Immunity (Director: Prof. M. Ollert), Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and the clinical project partners from the service of Pediatric Allergo-Immunology at the Pediatric Clinic of the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) (Dr. F. Morel-Codreanu, Prof. C. de Beaufort).


Food allergy (FA) has emerged over the past decade as an important public health concern, culminating in a second wave of the 'allergy epidemic' and thereby succeeding the first respiratory epidemic. Early- life events, environmental and lifestyle factors play a crucial role in the development of food allergies. The understanding of how those factors synergize in the breakdown of oral tolerance is vital for the foundation of future strategies of food allergy prevention.


To address the mechanism of early-life events that are fundamental for shaping the immunological response to food antigens, studying food allergy and tolerance development in young children. Analysing deep immune and genomic profiles as well as microbiome signatures will reveal response patterns driving allergic sensitization and clinical food allergy.


The MD PhD candidate will benefit from a highly stimulating research environment at the interface between clinics and translational science, with access to cutting-edge research technology. The candidate will be working both at the clinical site (patient inclusion, medical work-up) as well as at the research site (sample analyses, data integration). The PhD position is for 4-years full-time or for a period of up to 6 years, in combination with a part-time clinical activity at CHL. Part-time clinical work can be considered when a licence allowing for medical practice in Luxembourg is obtained after submission of certificates demonstrating appropriate training and qualifications, as well as fluent command of German and/or French. More information on the MD/PhD positions can be found here.


The Molecular and Translational Allergology Group has the focus on patient-centered research with the aim to address and solve unmet medical needs in allergy diagnosis and prevention. The research is performed in close collaboration with other teams at DII, other LIH departments and technological platforms, as well as with leading clinical and scientific experts at CHL, University of Luxembourg and a number of clinical and research excellence centers in Europe. The MD PhD project is part of a new national doctoral training program I2TRON that has the mission of developing a new generation of translational scientists, who can turn observations in the laboratory, clinical setting or community into interventions that improve health of individuals via innovative diagnostics or treatments. The candidate will benefit from an interdisciplinary environment tailored to stimulate active exchanges with colleagues from Cancer and Neurodegeneration research axes. This PhD programme is funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR).


  • The candidate should have completed studies of medicine; specialization in Allergology/Clinical Immunology, or Internal Medicine, or Pediatrics, or a subspecialty in Allergology is an asset.
  • Working knowledge of French or German or both languages is required for clinical work. The licence allowing for clinical practice in Luxembourg can be either requested at the start of the thesis, or later on, when the candidate has acquired the skills needed, especially regarding language fluency. The working language at the LIH is English.
  • Previous practical experience in the laboratory is an asset.


  • Opportunity to perform applied research of clinical relevance within a highly dynamic research institution (LIH) and in collaboration with internationally recognized clinical partners.
  • An exciting international environment.
  • A competitive salary

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